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Once & Always

Available on Big Stir Records:

...Trip Wire makes you feel better about life. Not by singing about a better life you’re not living, but by setting to music the life we’re all living together in a way that is as infectious as it is endearing”

Sarah Jayn Kemp @ The Bay Bridged

“Once & Always” isn’t an album that won’t fully reveal itself to you after its first few tracks. The underpinnings are strong “alternative rock” tones a la R.E.M. with a blast of “Sticky Fingers” laid-back confidence, doses of garage rock, and a little psychedelia. The songs are very well written, smart, ironic, and memorable.”

Mike Deangelis - There once was a note

...Trip Wire....Those boys are going somewhere...”

— Andrew Griffin - Felsen

Once and Always shows off TRIP WIRE as the treasure of the San Francisco scene”

Rex Broome

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BIG STIR RECORDS is thrilled to welcome to its roster: TRIP WIRE! The band's brand new fourth album Once & Always has been released, on BSR, with a physical CD to follow in late April.

TRIP WIRE has risen a long way in a very short time. From their formation in 2015 as a collaboration between singer-guitarists MARTY SCHNEIDER (Midway Delta, Campbell Apartment) and BILL HUNT (Captain Fatass, The Generous Grants) to today, they've released three full-length albums, culminating with the celebrated and raucous hook-fest Cold Gas Giants (Kool Kat Musik, 2017).

Along the way they've become a hard-gigging and compelling live act, regularly commanding stages on the vibrant San Francisco guitar-pop scene alongside the likes of Bye Bye Blackbirds, The Bobbleheads, David Brookings and Scott Gagner. It was the late 2016 addition of JEFF SHELTON (The Well Wishers, Hot Nun, ex-Spinning Jennies and host of KSCU's The Power Pop Show) and drummer STU SHADER that pushed TRIP WIRE over the top. What you witness onstage and hear on record now is a trio of top-notch songwriters and players pushing each other to new levels of performance and craft, propelled along by Shader, an absolute monster who's as much fun to watch as he is to hear. Schneider, Shelton, and Hunt trade duties on guitar, bass and lead vocals (sometimes within a single song).

The band's live set draws on Shelton's Well Wishers back catalog. It's a joy to hear those songs (and that voice!) in a wild and wooly live setting, and Hunt's contributions shine as well. Schneider's songs, sung in turn by himself and the others, are the emotive glue holding the polyphony together, and the band play with the chemistry of a group that's been together far longer than they have, and the energy and abandon of teenagers just out of the garage. It's a joy to behold. That live energy informed Cold Gas Giants, which burnished the band's power pop pedigree and evoked the heady heyday of '80's college rock radio and early '90s alt-pop: crunchy echoes of The Replacements and Hüsker Dü, The Posies and Teenage Fanclub, Uncle Tupelo and Wilco at their early, rocking finest were well evident. The energy spills over into the brand new ONCE & ALWAYS (Big Stir Records, 2019) which roars out of the gate with Schneider's “Had Enough” and Shelton's irresistible “Down” and is replete with giddy melodic rockers like “Bottle Rocket” and the Hunt/Shelton collaboration “Light of the Moon”. But the record quickly reveals itself as the most textured, varied, and (dare one say it?) mature platter in the TRIP WIRE catalog. It evokes at times the early work of The Band filtered through the “No Depression” era of what we now call Americana, with nods back to straight country (“Carolina”), hints of that driving early-R.E.M. jangle (the gorgeous “Act Fast”, written by Schnieder but sung by Shelton, and “Easy Exit”) and even chamber-pop and psych flourishes (“Into the Sound”). Schneider handles the lion's share of the writing here and he's in fine form, turning in a Warren Zevon-worthy hard luck tearjerker in the form of the subtly string-laden “Golden Gloves”. It's one of a pair of boxing-themed tunes alongside “Get Up Slow” which inspired the art design (from multitalented SF power pop master Scott Gagner). Elsewhere flashes of pedal steel and even a Pixie-evoking theremin broaden the sonic pallet beyond the guitar sound that's the band's bedrock.

ONCE & ALWAYS lives up to its title in its timelessness. It pushes beyond genre labels, but it's a cohesive and engrossing work that invites repeated listening and shows off TRIP WIRE as the treasure of the San Francisco scene that they are. Act fast in deed... this is a band for the ages.


Album here

Help out a fellow musician and friend of Trip Wire 

Please take a moment and donate to help out a local SF musician, Teacher and friend of Trip Wire - Lenny Gill. 

From the Go Fund Me Page: 

"We are raising money for Lenny Gill, who is awaiting a heart transplant. 

This is Lenny - musician, food lover, animal lover, fun lover and just a lover in general.  He is the best type of friend that one could have the honor of knowing. 

That’s where we come into the picture.  We have the privilege of calling ourselves a friend of Lenny’s (some for many many years and others for fewer), all loving him dearly. 

Lenny is currently hospitalized due to a cardiac complication originating from some medical treatment he received as a youth.  He is on a cardiac support device and is hopefully going to be placed on the Heart Transplant list in the next week or so. 

Lenny’s main source of day to day financial support comes from his profession as a Music Teacher.  Unfortunately, he is going to be unable to teach for a considerable period of time. 

Let’s all get together to support Lenny and Marghi during this time and show them exactly how much they are loved.  (No amount is too small or too large). 

Thank you."

Support your local SF musicians! Help us boost ourselves and other musicians!  


Our amazing engineer and co producer George Rosenthal has created a killer list of local SF acts that have all recorded at his amazing studio. If you are in the area and have some really creative ideas, go see George. He is an very talented, very cool engineer, producer and all round amazing musician.

Twirl Radio - What a great time! 

Thanks to Mike Lidskin for his featuring the band in his radio show and in his column here: 


We played at the Twirl Radio - Twirl Fest 2! at the Blue Note Brewing Company. What a great crowd and all of the different bands playing together. We had a blast in the sun and are getting ready a video of this event. The Bobbleheads, American Professionals, Blame the Bishop, Desario. Wonderful beer and nachos! What an awesome afternoon. 


Listen to Mike's show here:  We are at 1:30 ish...But Id listen to it all if I were you!

...article by The Bay Bridged 

The fine folks at The Bay Bridged came out to our show at SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery in San Jose this past Saturday with David Brookings and the Average Lookings...

"Like most musicians who are worth listening to in the power-pop genre, their sound is hard to describe. It’s real and earnest, without being too grimy. If the Replacements had been formed by decent human beings instead of youthful degenerates, I can imagine the product would have been similar to Trip Wire. Where the Replacements have razor-sharp edge, punk-rock strife, old beer bottles filled with cigarette butts, Trip Wire has pocket-knife resourcefulness, middle-age strife, and actual musical knowledge. 

Article here.

...where can I see Trip Wire?

Upcoming Shows:

Previous events

Date Event Location
Trip Wire with The Bobbleheads and The Campbell Apartment Fireside Lounge, ​Alameda, CA 9450 Fireside Lounge, ​Alameda, CA 9450
Trip Wire With Bushrods and Gen 11 Golden Bull, Oakland, CA Golden Bull, Oakland, CA
Trip Wire With Gen 11 and Those Old Bastards Benders, San Francisco, CA Benders, San Francisco, CA
Trip Wire with Twin Dimension and Secret Identities SF Eagle , San Francisco SF Eagle , San Francisco
Trip Wire with Wild Kindnesss and The Rock Stars 19 Broadway, Fairfax 19 Broadway, Fairfax
Trip Wire Makeout Room, San Francisco CA Makeout Room, San Francisco CA
Trip Wire With TCA and Morning Line Fireside Lounge, ​Alameda, CA 9450 Fireside Lounge, ​Alameda, CA 9450
Trip Wire w/ Boris Burton Quarter Note , Sunnyvale Quarter Note , Sunnyvale
Trip Wire/ StoneDog/The Seagulls Fireside Lounge, Alameda Fireside Lounge, Alameda
International Pop Overthrow - Trip Wire Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CA 94107 Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CA 94107
Trip Wire - Private Party Von Strasser Winery Von Strasser Winery
Trip Wire & Spyderpop Records Showcase Stork Club, Oakland Stork Club, Oakland
Trip Wire with Songs for Snakes and Canyon Brick and Mortar Music hall, San Francisco CA Brick and Mortar Music hall, San Francisco CA
Trip Wire Record Release Party w/The Bobbleheads Makeout Room, San Francisco CA Makeout Room, San Francisco CA
Trip Wire w/ Gen11 and Here at Home Fireside Lounge, ​Alameda, CA 9450 Fireside Lounge, ​Alameda, CA 9450
Benefit for Lenny Gill Bottom Of the Hill, San Francisco Bottom Of the Hill, San Francisco
Trip Wire w/ Bourbon Therapy Winters Tavern, Pacifica Winters Tavern, Pacifica
Trip Wire w Sweet Chariot, StoneDog and Lucy and the Long Haul Ivy Room, Albany, CA Ivy Room, Albany, CA
Trip Wire w David Brookings and Bye Bye Blackbirds Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA 94705 Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA 94705
Trip Wire w The Weird Kids Neck of the Woods, San Francisco Neck of the Woods, San Francisco

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