Help out a fellow musician and friend of Trip Wire

Please take a moment and donate to help out a local SF musician, Teacher and friend of Trip Wire - Lenny Gill. 

From the Go Fund Me Page: 

"We are raising money for Lenny Gill, who is awaiting a heart transplant. 

This is Lenny - musician, food lover, animal lover, fun lover and just a lover in general.  He is the best type of friend that one could have the honor of knowing. 

That’s where we come into the picture.  We have the privilege of calling ourselves a friend of Lenny’s (some for many many years and others for fewer), all loving him dearly. 

Lenny is currently hospitalized due to a cardiac complication originating from some medical treatment he received as a youth.  He is on a cardiac support device and is hopefully going to be placed on the Heart Transplant list in the next week or so. 

Lenny’s main source of day to day financial support comes from his profession as a Music Teacher.  Unfortunately, he is going to be unable to teach for a considerable period of time. 

Let’s all get together to support Lenny and Marghi during this time and show them exactly how much they are loved.  (No amount is too small or too large). 

Thank you."


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